I’ve been looking for this video for ages: why Alanis Morrisette doesn’t understand “ironic”. I couldn’t find it because I thought I needed to find Sean Hughes, but it’s actually Ed Byrne.

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I’ve been first comments poster a couple of times recently, so I was gonna wait but……

This is hilarious! I have memories of seeing this routine years ago and all I could tell people about it was that it was really funny and the funniest part was about needing a spoon to eat yoghurt and having only a knife.

Now I’ve watched this, I think I saw a later version where he embellished the ironic knife v spoon story even further.

Thanks for tracking it down!

How about a computer tech (me) who spends hours trying to find a problem with a computer that won’t turn on.

Power Supply Unit was dead, replaced. As soon as it gets power, fans start up, but no beeps. No boot.

Remove RAM, all add-in cards, everything, still nothing. Fans run but no-one’s at home.

I find out by accident (after hours of googling and tweaking) that I needed to press the “On” switch at the front.

“A free ride when you’ve already paid …”

I got on a Vancouver express bus with my transfer and the driver waved me and forty other riders on without taking any money or having us validate our transfers in the validation thingie. She then got off the bus and disappeared, only to be replaced by another driver a few minutes later. Nobody got up and paid…

PS: Alanis and I have the same birthday, but we couldn’t be less alike (astrological irony)

I don’t know how old this is, but he mat have stolen at least part of that act from an American comic named Sabrina Matthews.

And Ace, Bob Dole (1996 U.S. presidential candidate) and funk superstar George Clinton share the same birthday.

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