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Bad news and a little good

The bad news is that as expected Metcard prices will jump by 5% from January 1st. Stock up now!

It’s a curious thing. If you have to increase fares, CPI rises are probably the most logical way to do it. But this time around, the September quarter CPI figures were heavily influenced by petrol price rises earlier in the year. Now petrol prices have dropped again. When there’s a big drop in fuel prices, and an increase in PT prices, what message are we getting about how we should travel? Perhaps it’s no wonder anecdotally the roads have got more crowded in the past few weeks.

The silver lining in the Metcard cloud is that the benefit of being able to use both zones on weekends with a single zone periodical (weekly, monthly, yearly) is to be retained after all.

As for the debate about whether or not Melbourne has the highest PT fares in the country, the figures compiled last year do need updating, but they’re pretty clear: Melbourne is most expensive for trips up to 35km; cheaper beyond (due to the removal of zone 3 in 2007).

Oh by the way, my picture of the crowded train showed up again. I wonder if they’d still use it if I put an obvious watermark on it? (Last time)

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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5 replies on “Bad news and a little good”

Well, perhaps my email to Kosky about the weekend periodical benefit did some good. I’ll be buying a few monthly tickets before December ends but I really can’t justify the cost of a yearly all at once, even though it would be a big saving. though I’m thinking about it.

The PT fare comparison is an interesting one Daniel. It’s funny how PT activists (such as the PTUA and Paul Mees) point to Perth as an example of what can potentially be done here, whereas the IPA and other avaricious lobby groups compare us to Sydney – perhaps the only city worst performing than us – where, in the end, we look better.
Next, they’d be comparing us to…Auckland!

How much vested interest does the govt have in increased motor vehicle transport use is the real question to ask.
Makes a mockery of the eco-green waffle they try to spin, just like cutting down the 400 yr old red gum for Eastlink.

“The silver lining in the Metcard cloud …”

ONLY if you’re a zone one ticket holder. The rest of us plebs stuck in zone two and have to buy one/two tickets don’t get any benefit whatsoever ’cause we’ve already paid for both zones. Pay for the zone you use, I say. But I’m a just another frustrated traveller sick of paying for sub-standard service. Even CHINA is better than here.

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