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I don’t know what’s wrong with The Age web site, but frequently the online version of the Letters page leaves big slabs of text out of people’s letters. They did it with mine this morning, which is a response to a letter in yesterday’s Age. Given the heading they gave it, the missing first paragraph means it makes no sense whatsoever. Here it is in full:

Letter from a fan?

Two cheers for Graeme Russell for rushing to the defence of Public Transport Minister Lynne Kosky (Letters, 21/10). But is this the same Graeme Russell who, until recently, was Ms Kosky’s Chief of Staff?

Meanwhile, Premier John Brumby has poured cold water on the new public transport plan produced by Melbourne’s local councils. The financial crisis will make it difficult to finance public transport projects such as new rail lines, he says. This is a bit rich coming from a Premier who has just signed off on his share of $700 million for a new road, and is contemplating spending billions more on freeways.

Secondly, the Channel 31 “Conflict of Interest” programme I recorded last week (for which they sent me a bottle of Grenache as thanks) airs tonight at 9:30. I’ve had little practice at long form interviews, particularly television, and I hope I didn’t make too much of a fool of myself. (They usually post it on Youtube after broadcast, so I’ll link to it from here when that happens.)

Would you believe I forgot to tune-in, but here it is:

See also: Introductory segment.

Thirdly, rally for better PT outside Flinders Street Station, Sunday midday. Be there!

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

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You are spon on in describing John Brumby in that letter Daniel. Have you heard about the “Make Brumby History” campaign by some 20 year old student? Newspapers in small captions say they have the right to edit out bits of a letter at the bottom of the page.

Lynne Kosky, jeez, where do I start before going on a tirade about how much of a moron she is. How the hell did she get and still keeps her job? That Graeme Russell is just a puppet, No Surprise there.

Channel 31, best community shows, especially the Greek, Serbian, and the soccer shows. Me and some mates are trying to get a show put on C31. Lets hope it is available on the digital network soon because I bought a new TV.

Rally, I will be there!

I noticed intermittent problems in about… July? I sent feedback about it then. Then a month or so later. Last month I kept on their back about it for a week, since it was every day. It still happens most days. Occasionally it gets fixed, but mostly not. You can sometimes tell by them not making sense, and sometimes by the lack of a capitalised word at the start (if all the others have them). It usually affects letters number 2-4 or 6 or so, and often what would appear on the far right of the page. I’ve basically given up on them.

Great interview Daniel – their questioning was quite challenging and you presented as articulate and well informed. [side note: The full three-person shot was oddly symmetrical: you in the middle with your knees apart, and each of them with legs crossed and knees pointing inwards towards you.]
Thanks Daniel for your continued efforts campaigning for better public transport. Many people whinge and moan, but only a few actually do anything about it. You’ve been at it a long time, and those of us without the energy and commitment reap the benefits.

Shoot all the vegans?! We don’t produce any more gas than your average omnivore (not to mention the millions of gassy cows that hang around in fields waiting to meet their inevitable demise)

Otherwise, great interview :) You’re used to speaking to media, I guess, but you seem so calm! Good work

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