Muckup day FAIL

It seems some students at Xavier went over-the-top in their end of school celebrations, ties used as G-strings, with one student injured, food fights on trams, jumping on cars, firecrackers let off at Balaclava Station, and all year 12 classes cancelled. (Some newspaper reports say the entire year level was suspended, but the principal was on radio on Wednesday morning saying this wasn’t strictly true.)

I don’t think it’s really that difficult to come up with pranks that are highly amusing, yet don’t injure anybody and cause no permanent damage to anything. Longtime readers may recall I wrote about the Year 12 prank I participated in, dumping loads of bean bag beans around the school hall… which when we were caught, resulted in us having to vaccuum them up.

Other stunts I saw and heard about from my time at high school in the 80s were using traffic cones to divert traffic through the school; various banners flown from nearby buildings; a fake school newsletter issued to all classes (I still have my copy somewhere); shaving cream liberally applied to buildings, clothes and on cars; and apparently once at Melbourne Grammar a teacher’s car was disassembled, moved to an upstairs room and put together again. Though that last one may be merely urban legend.

All it takes is a little imagination, and a wish to amuse, rather than annoy.

By Daniel Bowen

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Went way too far in my opinion. I have muck up day next year, and I won’t target other people, I will target my own year 12s that are snobby at my school. LOL

Apparently the xavier kid who broke his leg got bullied in that youtube wheelie bin video.

The only thing this proves is that the poor kid is STILL being bullied and the school hasn’t done a damn thing about it, with the lunatic fringe running the asylum school.

Way too far. It’s interesting how the different schools operate. My kids are in different schools and one school only lets their kids dress up while the other is a little more lenient, but only a little.

If the disassembled car story is not true then it is based on a true story. My uncle and a few friends were happily lifting a teacher’s car up the stairs when they were found out. He tells me it was much harder to get down again.

My daughter tells me of a year 12 prank. The students released three live pigs in the school. They were labelled 1, 2, 4. The teachers spent a lot of time looking for 3.

That pig prank was on a TV show a few weeks ago. I think it was Bev Hills 90210 (proud to admit I watched it and enjoyed it!)

Some guys in my year made a 9ft statue of our principal and drove around the neighbourhood with it on the back of their ute, blaring the Ride of the Valkyries.

I would have thought wearing a tie as a G-string was its own punishment.

We got suspensions at Northcote for our muck up day. Flares, stink-bombs and graffiti made our coordinators send us home indefinitely.

My English teacher reckons we’re not good at mucking up. Apparently in his day, kids stole a tram and ran it up and down Cotham Road, Kew (W class tram).

Suzie: That’s clever!

Reuben: Glenhuntly? You mean I mean Glenferrie.

But no, I meant Balaclava — cited in this Age article… and presuming the reporter didn’t mix up the place with the clothing. It’s not particularly nearby, but it is a direct trip to there on the 16 tram.

Not really Shaz, we once moved a teachers car to face sideways directly between two other cars. I reckon there was around 10 of us that did it.

Wasn’t a Commodore though obviously, just some trashy small car – and overall it turned out to be a lot easier than we expected.

Wasn’t for muckup day though, was simply a random prank during a lunch break.

I can remembr various things being lit on fire at Buffalo Grove High in Bufflo Grove Illinois during 9th-11th. grades. Trashcans, a cloth hand towl loop in the restroom (The old fashoned kind that you pull on the loop to wind a section of dry towl out of the dispenser while the wet section gets re wound. Later in the day a new towl was installed in the now blackened dispenser), school lockers including my brother’s,(several books and some notebook paper were consumed along wih the bottom of his jacket) and fire crackers and smoke bombs in the hallway. Smelling smoke was not unusual in this school. In Hinsdale Central High school (grade 12) I only saw a bag of crickets let loose in the lunch room. This school was much more diciplined and it had a closed campus policy. These things happened at various times during the year. My senior year we merely had senior ditch day where 90% of the seniors (grade 12) simply skipped/ditched school. These things happened between 1982-1986. Anyone remember the movie The Breakfast Club?

That car moved upstairs prank was in the 1980s Val Kilmer movie Real Genius. Not saying that proves it didn’t / doesn’t happen, just that the idea is obviously a popular (and shared) one!

As for the Xavier boys … well. Bad behaviour from foolish immature people which will hopefully be suitably penalised.

My uncle did the car trick in the 1950s. It took four guys to get it upstairs and eight to get it downstairs. He tells me he was asked to leave the school after one of his pranks, might have been this one.

My kids corrected me on the pig prank. Apparently they read it in Readers Digest so I don’t know if true or not.

We put our School up for sale, It was on a major road and we made up a for sale sign ( as the realestate people use ) with photo’s and description, and put it outside the school, It lasted until about lunch time.

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