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Hung parliamant

There must have been cutbacks at the ABC. Apparently they can’t afford a dictionary anymore. Or maybe host Virginia Haussegger can’t spell. (Not that I’d be having a go at her, oh no.)

Hung parliamant

It flashed up a few times during the ACT election coverage on Saturday night.

(For some reason it seems a version of ABC1 from north of the border comes through on one of the ABC digital channels. Makes for some interesting viewing sometimes.)

By Daniel Bowen

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Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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6 replies on “Hung parliamant”

Sheesh Daniel! Didn’t you know that spelling changes across the border? Why do you think many Victorians find NSW people funny? It’s not for their nasal implements, nor their inability to keep a stable government – but for their spelling.

As for Virginia Haussegger, that’s due to a Medicare Cutback…not subsidising her pills perhaps.

I must have been away when you published the post about Virginia Haussegger last year. Bit rude what! She is no stranger to controversy with her ‘why didn’t someone tell me to have children’ article. Oh, and you have spoken to Trigger (Virginia) Trioli.

As far as I am aware, the ABC was relaying their ACT ABC1 election program nationally on ABC-HD on election night. A good use of their multichannelling, IMHO. It didn’t interrupt people in other states who wanted to watch The Bill (ugh) but still let those of us who have a vague interest in state/territory elections watch without using up our net bandwidth :)

Paul, I’ve seen the NSW 7pm news bulletin show up on ABC1-HD before, so I assumed it was a regular thing. It’s good to have the occasional bit of extra variety.

Andrew, thanks for refreshing my memory!

Daniel, I thought the ABC1 HD news was a national bulletin, as would make sense. But then I also know the strong Sydney bias in national ABC newsrooms. Must investigate further.

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