Your very own personalised stop timetable

Train timetableHere’s a handy thing Metlink is beta testing at the moment: apart from having online timetable displays that show you the whole day on one page (at last!) you can also get a timetable for your individual stop.

To get them, go to the Metlink web site. You can search for the route number, then use the beta timetable view (unfortunately at the moment it appears not to work in Firefox, so use IE or something else). You can click the timepoints to expand to the full list of stops, then you can click on an individual stop to get a page for that stop. Then click on “Stop timetable” and it takes you to a PDF that shows all the times for that specific stop.

Or you can use the Maps, Stations, Stops page to search for railway stations. It seems a little patchy at the moment for bus and tram stops, so the first method might be easier.

A caveat though: the bus and tram times between timepoints are only estimates, and may not be entirely accurate — even before we get into the issues of traffic and general service reliability! So I’d be rocking up to the stop a few minutes early, just in case.

Handy to have though. I’ve printed out my station and closest bus stop timetables (at least in the direction I usually travel) and have stuck them to the fridge.

(There’s various sources of real-time information, too.)

By Daniel Bowen

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been waiting for something like this for a while.

You have to love Connex. Some stations and lines have big posters which are very easy to understand, showing all the time that trains come to that station, to and from Flinders Street. Elsternwick (and other Sandringham line stations) seem to have them, they are great.

But a lot of other lines don’t have them… I’m on Alamein/Lilydale/Belgrave and lots of stations don’t have them. I mostly know the regular trains I catch anyway but it would still be nice.

Amazing – thank you. The first thing I have EVER seen since the old MMTB bus stops that even PRETENDS that I might like to know when the bus is supposed to arrive at the bus stop. Perhaps it might even shift the debate a little. In the past when a bus hasn’t come, I have rung the bus company and been told “There’s a new timetable” or some such nonsense. This to me really highlights the total lack of accountability in buses (as opposed to trains and trams) for the huge amounts of subsidies that the Government spends.

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