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Parma and parking

Help our kids by eating a Parma — from today until next Thursday, $2 from every chicken parma served at 77 pubs around Melbourne (PDF list) will go to the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday appeal. Yes, more than ever, is sadly missed.

I can’t give you a picture rivalling this carpark mishap in Brighton, but I did snap this one the other day.

No, the car didn’t have a disabled sign. And there was plenty of other (legal) parking a few metres away.

By Daniel Bowen

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7 replies on “Parma and parking”

Dang… that parking photo makes me spit! Time to casually go across and shove some nails into his tyres or something… :( Some people are just so damn selfish and inconsiderate.

Yes, even out here in the rural heartland paradise too. :(

Mal :)

Blardy Hell! People should get a life… that parking is horrendous… He’s actually taking up TWO disabled slots. Dan, you’d be excused for giving his car a good “keying”.

Tell you what, if I had access to a car with a disabled tag on it, I’d have parked it in the spot closer to camera, blocking him in. Would serve the idiot right.

I have been known to lift people’s wipers when they do things like this. It doesn’t damage the cars but lets people know someone has noticed.

Things like this commonly happen here in the USA too. I guess people with bad manners can be found the world over.

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