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Damn. is no more. And they built the site in such a way that it seems to be impossible to get at anything except the splash page via, so the ratings they compiled may be lost forever.

Groan. WarGames 2: The Dead Code now in pre-production, and aimed at direct-to-DVD.

OK. I was talking last week about not renewing with the RACV. As it happens my renewal form just arrived, and my membership runs out in a few weeks, so I’ll start shopping. Ultratune is looking pretty good (thanks Peter).

Ah, emails. Do we all know the danger of hitting Reply All instead of Reply? Will Joanna Purdy be the next Claire Swire? Or maybe this one won’t snowball. (I’m too polite to forward it around.)

PS. Sorry, a server glitch (well, actually an upgrade I forgot was happening) has (hopefully temporarily) lost a couple of comments on this post.

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Ultra Tune as been around for a long time. If they are road side service, then I don’t think you could go too wrong. Better look at them myself.

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pah … googling for ‘joanna purdy’ gives your page as the top link and no meaty details …

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I don’t know if Ultratune roadside assistance is any good. I only noticed their TV advertisement and passed on the info to you. It would be good to get some user appraisals. As it is a fairly new aspect of Ultratune they are probably trying hard to deliver a good service.

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Would UltraTune be able to offer road-side assistance in cuntry Victoria or on interstate highways? Best to get some advice from people who use them, I suppose.

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