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Hair by David on the 8:05

Now I’ve seen everything. On the 8:05pm to Werribee last night…

Hairdresser on train 1Hairdresser on train 2

PS. Sunday 7:45pm. Post title modified. Yes, he was a real hairdresser.

By Daniel Bowen

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9 replies on “Hair by David on the 8:05”

well, using public transport at night is often a hair-raising adventure.
PS Given that there is NOTHING private about your life, can I ask why you were catching the train to Werribee?

A bouncy ride could produce interesting results! One could also be poked or cut with the scissors. I wouldn’t try using a razor to shave the back of the neck while moving.(I guess only men would need to have their necks shaved.) This dude sure looks like the hairdresser type. Isn’t the sewage treatment plant for greater Melbourne located in Werribee?

Roger, you can ask…

Toria, I got off the train before they’d finished, but there wasn’t much hair chopped off though.

Jed, the sewerage plant is a fair distance from Werribee itself. Yes, he was a real hairdresser, who happened to get chatting with some girls.

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