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I remember reading about our local mayor, and the way she used to complain she didn’t appear enough in the council-produced newsletter.

OVER-WORKED City of Glen Eira CEO Andrew Newton has enough on his plate chasing $40,000 from [a] sacked councillor … but now he’s had to listen to [the Mayor] wail about her photo not appearing enough in the local paper (though the readers aren’t complaining). [She] lectured Newton: “I would like to ask that in future we grasp opportunities to tell the community what we are doing.” Then she rattled off some exciting events in her diary: the opening of a pavilion, a party in the park with scouts presenting a toggle and scarf, and the food business awards. Heck, call the TV stations. (The Age Diary column 24/4/2007.)

Well the Glen Eira News arrived the other day, so I had a look for her photo. She’s on page 1, 2 (twice), 3, 10 (same pic as page 1) and 11. Not bad: 6 pictures in 12 pages.

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When I was in high-school we used to build and race recumbent vehicles in a 24 hour annual race known as the pedal prix. One year there was a parade in the city, ending at town hall, where we were going to meet the mayor.

Once we were standing out front of town hall a lot of people were checking out our vehicles, uniforms, etc and asking us questions. One guy in particular, big fat guy I remember vividly, just wouldn’t leave us alone…. in our minds we’re like “#&%$ off mate, we’re here to see the mayor!!!”.

Finally after a sleepfest bunch of speeches, the major is called up to the stage… and our jaws hit the street in shock and shame when it’s the big fat dude we had tried so hard to shove off! Ooops :(

I am sure there are some exceptions among the councillors, but from an outsiders view Glen Eira council generally is a disgrace. Not that mine is much better. Glen Eira is a good example of local council amalgamation gone wrong. There are too many different areas and the vested interests from one area are all over represented.

Lol at Chris’s comment.

The Mayor’s whinges would just pad Glen Eira News out further and it’s already twice as thick as it needs to be.

As they’ve refused to join other councils on climate change, they should at least start with their own activities by pruning Glen Eira News.

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