The Greatest Team Of All

When they wrote the footy club songs, they got together an old familiar tune and lyrics which are generally way over-the-top for most circumstances, basically proclaiming the team is invincible. If only it were true.

The Geelong Football Club song is called We Are Geelong, sung to the tune of Toreador from Bizet’s Carmen, a tune I’m very familiar with as my mum used to love playing music from this opera around the house when I was growing up.

The lyrics were written by John Watts, and admittedly I didn’t know the full words until yesterday during the game, when it was getting clearer that the team would win, and Tony found them and printed them out for me.

They open with: We are Geelong, the greatest team of all

Under normal circumstances, this would be a big call. But as the game came to a close, it became apparent that the Cats had in fact won the game by the biggest Grand Final margin ever. At one point I was even cheering on Port Adelaide, urging them to kick a few goals just to make it a little more interesting.

If winning margin at a Grand Final is a good way of measuring it, then maybe they really are “the greatest team of all.”

PS. I have now memorised all of the lyrics. At least, the first verse. Like the national anthem, few know there’s a second verse, and even fewer know what the words are. I also promised Tony I’ll buy a club jersey.

Now… Go Storm!

PS. Monday morning: Storm won their game too.

By Daniel Bowen

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That is so funny! My mum also played Bizet’s Carmen incessantly! It’s probably the only opera I could name from any of the songs!

I’m not a Geelong fan (sure I’ve mentioned that already?) but I’m certainly glad for all the fans out there that they won.

Although I’m at a bit of a loss now as I adore football and will have to wait out the summer until it returns! (well I’m sure I’ll find something better to do than just wait…but yk…)

I can remember an advert on TV for Roll-a-door in the late 1960s/early 1970s to the tune of Toreador from Carmen.
“You’ll get much more, with a roll-a-door….”
PS Saw you yet again on Channel 2 news regarding extension to Broady line/new timetables.

Well, frankly I don’t really follow AFL, but sure I’ll say “Well done!” to the Cats. Just be prepared to say a bit of “Go Sens!” next year when they’re battling for the Stanley Cup, okay? ;)

We watched O Brother, and yeah, I can see what you like about it! Great movie, indeed.

And weren’t The Storm great. A wonderful note for Matt King to go out on – a try and a Premiership! Lucky Warrington! And the beautiful and much loved (by Miss Eagle) Billy! Running his little ole heart out – as per usual. Craig Bellamy is almost up there with the wonderful Wayne Bennett. But if you noticed, he’s no Easter Island statue.

Blessings and bliss

Was SOOOO dissatisfied with the game on Saturday. Happy that the Cats won of course, but Port got a complete rubbing. It wasn’t worth watching from half-time.

I was there and revelled in all the glory. Have to say that besides having my children and grandchildren it is the next best thing to have ever happened for me. Sat in the absolute top row in the Southern stand with no seats in front of me so was able to jump up and down and carry on silly without anybody telling me off. My dad passed away two months ago and barracked for Geelong all of his life so it was bitter sweet for me, my mum and sister. We all had a good cry during the third quarter when we just knew we had it won.

I tried buying a jumper on Friday and everywhere was completely sold out so I had to settle for my scarf, hat and blanket lol.

Now I am trying to find out how I can get my hands on a copy of yesterday’s Geelong Advertiser.

Daniel, love the updated banner with the scarf…
When you learnt the words to the song, did you also learn the often forgotten second verse??

What a wonderful weekend of sport it was!

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