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Out goes the couch

It’s hard rubbish week. Not even anybody on Freecycle wanted my ratty old couch, so out it goes. I let the kids run riot on it yesterday after we took it out onto the nature strip. By this morning, various other bits and pieces of crap, including my mum’s old broken washing machine, had been added to the pile.

Update: It was gone by 8am.

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we leave for melbourne on sunday and the removalist comes thursday.. if no ones called me about the couch by then it goes out on the nature strip for council pickup. i cant imagine there’ll be kids playing on mine though… i live in a bad part of town, its more likely to be pulled out onto the road and run into with cars for amusement.

We put a bunch of stuff on our verge, including a very 80s foam divan and an equally 80s auto-reverse radio/cassette which doesn’t work. They both went within about an hour.

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