Long weekend

Ah, it’s the long weekend… perfect for sleeping in, reading the paper, lazing around the house and… updating your blog. I’m doing some tweaks, to upgrade the software (to get anti-spam filters working properly; you should see the amount of comment spam I get), fiddle with the template etc. So if you notice it looking funny or not responding momentarily today, you’ll know what’s going on.

10:44am. Did a database backup. Uncompressed backup files: 18.3Mb. Total published posts: 1932. Total published comments: 6185.

11:18am. New version of WordPress and template installed. Some tweaking still required, but that’s the main stuff. Going to look at Akismet for spam filtering.

1:30pm. Akismet spam filtering installed. Neato. And found some comments from my old school friend Konrad that had been incorrectly labelled as spam. Odd, since he wasn’t trying to sell me Cialis…

By Daniel Bowen

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Happy long weekend to you :) It’s already daylight saving time here in Canada :P Ugh! I miss my extra hour of sleep. It’s all due to that darn country to the south of us, I tell you!

LOL @ the TMI tag.

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