Reminder to self

Don’t forget. Must remember.

Don’t forget. Must remember.

Yearly ticket runs out tomorrow.

Yearly ticket runs out tomorrow.

Yearly ticket runs out tomorrow.

Yearly ticket runs out tomorrow.

Maybe I’ll just put the next ticket in my wallet right now.

By Daniel Bowen

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My annual ran out on 6 March and I agonised whether to validate my new ticket on 7 March or wait until after long weekend (use dailies for 7 to 9th period), thus extending the annual ticket until 13 March 2008.
In the end, I validated the new annual on 7 March. Life is full of tough decisions.
PS I’ve got a few zone 3 tickets unused. Do you know if I can get a refund? thanks

Roger, assuming you don’t normally use PT on weekends, if you have to buy Dailies, you’d have to work out if the cost is more expensive than those days + the weekend on your Yearly ticket (eg a Yearly ticket costs about the same as 170 Dailies).

For myself, given I don’t plan to use PT this weekend and my ticket runs out on Thursday, on Friday I’ll use the Daily that Connex gave me as compensation for January. (Don’t forget to claim for February!)

Yes you can get refunds for zone 3 tickets: See here for details.

I only have a monthly, the magnetic strip fails so often that I don’t think I could stand the thought of having to put up with one piece of cardboard for an entire 12 months, and having to convince the gate attendants that your strip is defective. Bring on the touch cards please. Specially now I’ve sold the car!

Nathan, I wonder if one of the validators on your normal trip into work is dodgy?

For Yearlies you can get a replacement ticket if it stops working. If it was happening continually though, it would get tiring pretty quickly.

Not all of them. I had a Yearly a couple of years ago that was conventional cardboard.

Mind you, I can tell you that the switch from plastic Yearly to cardboard certainly is noticeable.

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