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Warning: This post has been flagged TMI (Too Much Information). You have been warned.

Hair on my head gets lopped off by the barber every month or two; whenever it seems to long (getting wavy at the top is usually the indicator for me) and I have the inclination to stop looking like a long-haired weirdo (as I often did in my teens) and get it cut.

Facial hair comes off daily with my electric razor, a Philishave, except Sundays when I generally don’t bother shaving. If I’m in a rush it can sometimes be less than a precision operation, leaving a few strays behind. (Was it Billy Connolly who talked about the cunning hairs that lie down when they see a blade coming?)

Nasal hair sometimes grows alarmingly fast, and will occasionally get plucked. (Past experiments with this have proven somewhat painful at times.)

Little hairs seem to spout out of my ears, too. I don’t know if this is an argument against Intelligent Design, but what the purpose of this is, I really don’t know. When they’re too numerous, tweezers can get them out.

Underarm hair? Gets a very occasional trim when it seems excessively bushy. The shaver has a beard trimmer, which, given I never have a beard (tried it once, didn’t like it) can get used for this.

Back, leg and chest hair I leave well alone, though sometimes a lone hair will grow out of a mole on my back, until (with great difficulty) it’s plucked out.

Which just leaves… well, the rest. As it happens, this can get pretty hairy — and yes, occasionally, it deserves a trim too. Very careful use of the scissors is generally what’s required. Wouldn’t want to catch anything other than hairs in the blades, after all. I don’t think I’d go the full shave thing, but I know that some people out there do.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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Ummmmm….. wellllll… this is more…. errrrrrrr…… personal … than you would normally get. And frankly, I dont know that I really wanted to know that stuff.

I’m really torn because I’ve been reading this diary for over 8 years and I love all the banal day-to-day life stuff that you cover but this subject….. for me it’s like thinking about my parents doing it. I dont want to log on to this page and think about your pubic hair. But until you put your next entry on, that last paragraph is what will stick with people.

Hmmmmm, maybe you need to run a poll on whether this is suitable comment for your diary!??


you’re right WTMI..

something I don’t care to know about and agree with Shell, that just churns stomach.

I know this is your blog blah blah blah and you can write what you want but you’re reduced to body hair?


LOL @ the reaction. Hey, it’s his blog, he can write what he wants. Your choice to read it or not. :) Now, one wonders if a woman wrote about the exact same thing? Would she be labelled a “tart” for saying that in public?

Well, it’s not the normal “man stuff” that’s talked about, but if he’d left it till next weekend and done it all on the Leukaemia Foundation’s Shave for a Cure weekend would it have received the same reaction?

Oh for goodness sake – get over it people. All of us have hair on our bodies and many of us remove some or all of it on a regular basis. Many men go for the “back, sack and crack” – don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

If you do it on a cold morning everything kind of “tightens up” and it’s both quicker and less risky. My Braun with the little moustache extension thingie works wonders!

Daniel, the aging process means we all get hair where it aint used to be before. Just today, I took my husband to the Shaver Shop in Lonsdale St to look at men’s ‘personal grooming aids’. As luck would have it, there was a special ($19.95) on a nifty little machine for nostrils, ears and eyebrows. He tried it when we got home, and guess what – it worked, it worked well, and it was totally pain free. So no more scissors accidents, lopsided hairiness, little piles of hair (tmi!)on the shelf below the mirror. He looks trim, and no other family member needs to be involved.

My husband taught me a word many years ago (which will probably make no sense) about hair that grows out of ears and noses as men age. It means you are becoming ‘pot bound’. OK don’t ask why because I just don’t know. I reckon it’s even more freaky that your ears and nose KEEP GROWING as you age. I can look at old men for ages and check out those giant shnozzes.

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