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Summer reviews

A big bunch of thumbs ups for all these, from the past couple of months.

The First Casualty by Ben Elton — a mystery set close to a century ago, a bit like Julian Barnes’ Arthur and George, and also very reminiscent of Black Adder 4, but with a much more serious look at the Great War. Elton’s usual humour is absent for this one, but it’s a great read.Thumbs up!

High Society by Ben Elton — a look at drugs: the war against it, its presence in society both high and low. But unlike the above, plenty of humour.Thumbs up!

Kenny — very very funny movie. Spotted a few locations I’m familiar with.Thumbs up!

Junebug — what happens when white trash meets culture. Interesting.Thumbs up!

Caffe Latte — Malvern Road, Toorak — work Christmas dinner was delicious. Very good. Probably expensive — I don’t know!Thumbs up!

Wah Wah — Richard E Grant’s semi-auto-biographical film. Quite funny in parts, very dramatic in others. The DVD (at least, the Australian version) includes the interview from Enough Rope, which is fascinating.Thumbs up!

PS Sunday night. Oh hooray, yet another full-page Barry Humphries article in the Sunday Age. We needed another one.

By Daniel Bowen

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I loved Wah Wah, took my mum to see it. Very well done.

Denton’s interview with Richard E. Grant was brilliant and possibly his best interview ever.

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