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The Neighbours Bus

You may have heard of it, well here it is in the flesh. Spotted and snapped “in the wild” last week on my handy-dandy mobile phone camera… The official Neighbours tour bus, roving the city looking for English tourists to whisk out to Vermont South where they film the show.

Neighbours bus

By Daniel Bowen

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Where’s Toadfish when you need him.

We once had our brother and sister in law over from Perth. We were driving out to the Yarra Valley for Wineries etc, and on the way went very close to Pinoak Court (Ramsay Street). So I pulled up at the end of the street and said, “Do you recognise this street?”

They were confused and asked if we used to live there, and suddenly it dawned on my sister-in-law what it was and I think she nearly spoiled the back seat of my car in her excitement :)

Good God! Neighbours is STILL going? By now it must be somewhere close to the number of episodes for The Bald and the Bountiful! Good thing they do not show Neighbours in continental EU (another reason why people who actually want to live in the UK are crazy). Mind you they do show The Bald, etc. and I sometimes inadvertently get to see a milisecond of it while channel surfing. :-(

When passengers book on the Neighbours bus, I wonder if they are told that it is not air conditioned? I feel sorry for them when I see them dripping in sweat in the summer.

Is that at the corner of Bourke and William Streets?

As for the air conditioning, big deal, the windows open, and humans survived for thousands of years before air con was invented.

I often used to see the Neighbours bus on the freeway on my morning drive to Monash, but always wondered where the show was shot …

I can never see why tourists would want to take the Neighbours bus now that the #75 tram stops less than 500m from where they film Neighbours and costs $9.70 for a daily, vs $40 for this bus. Tourists come to Melbourne to ride trams, so why not combine a tram trip with your trip to Neighbours?

PC, how many non air con tourist mini buses or tourist coaches are there in Melbourne? I would guess, just the Neighbours bus. People expect air con as standard.

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