In my neck of the woods, drycleaners seem to have a permanent “three for the price of two” deal going on. It’ll cost you about $7 to get one item cleaned, but about double that for two or three.

It means when I have an item that is in dire need of cleaning, I’ll pontificate procrastinate over whether or not I have two more that need cleaning too, just so I can get good value for money.

Once the item(s) come back, you have to get rid of the plastic and the flimsy metal coathanger. And of course find the label. If there is one. On the trousers I just got cleaned, I couldn’t find the label… so hopefully I wasn’t walking around all day with it stuck to my bum.

By Daniel Bowen

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Someone I know was once told by a dry cleaning place that had such an offer, that to get two garments done would cost more (2x regular price) than the price special for 3 garments. They were told they would pay less in total to bring in a third garment and get that done, than only get two garments! :roll:

Pricing is strange sometimes.

I don’t know how many times I have had to scrounge around finding that “third” garment to get the special price and like somebody I actually tried the old “oh can I get two for the price of 3 deal” only to be told it was not on. My Yarraville drycleaner doesn’t have that as they explained to me “Everything is given the deluxe treatment” Makes it a lot easier knowing I can just take in the one thing which needs cleaning urgently.

Here (British Columbia) it’s pizzas; two for one. You CAN buy one, but it’s at least 2/3 the price of the pair.

We should buy everything this way. Cars: Decide on one then wait around to find a buddy with the same bent. Toothache? Hang around in the waiting room and negotiate.

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