So tired of waking up tired

I just know I’m going to be tired later today.

Last night I got to bed about 11:30pm or so… but couldn’t sleep. Maybe a combination of the… well, not exactly heat, but certainly an unexpected lack of cold, and the ideas swimming in my head (which I’ll tell you about another time).

I got up again at about 12:20 for a few minutes to try and quash the brain activity by some temporary computer-generated stimulus, then tried again to sleep.

By 1:15 I was still tossing and turning. Got up again, grabbed an issue of Geek Monthly to read in bed for a few minutes, then hit the pillow again at 1:30. And finally slept.

Inevitably, due to the light at this time of year, I was awake again by 6:45. Well short of the seven hours sleep I normally need to function.

Sometime later today, it’s going to be yawn-O-rama, I just know it.

In fact, when I’ve finished breakfast I might see if my body will agree to trying to get back to sleep for a short while.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

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You should try living in a place where, during the summer, it only gets completely dark after ten and starts to get light before four in the morning. This is not as bad as winter, however. Then, it is a case of going to work in the dark, seeing a twilight sunlight through the windows after nine and having it all disappear by four in the afternoon, leaving you to make your way back home in the dark again. Bloody awful. Just glad not to be living somewhere in Scandinavia.

I’m really sorry to hear you’re suffering from this Daniel. I had insomnia a lot before I started medication for my bipolar. So, I know what the tiredness feels like, and I know how you can become so angry and anxious feeling because your body just craves sleep. It’s a nasty thing to deal with. Apparently lack of sleep is as bad, or worse than drinking and driving, when it comes to decision making. Here’s to glasses of milk, bananas, and some sound, good sleep, that lets you wake up before the alarm clock. Apparently, if you have to have an alarm clock to wake you, you’ve not had enough sleep. Good luck, and happy dreams.

And bananas are starting to become available again! I bought a couple this weekend (my supermarket actually had reasonable-looking ones, for the first time in ages).

Cost me $12/kg, but ahh well.

Toria: Thankfully it’s only occasionally that I can’t sleep like this!

Vaughan: Some of the fruit shops have managed to maintain supply all these months (eg the place in Ripponlea). But yeah, a decent-sized banana still seems to be $3 or more.

I went overseas last week and they had bananas at the hotel’s breakfast bar. It was fantastic. Often I would take two and sometimes I would get the last one, which felt really good. I miss bananas.

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