Going cold turkey

Hot chocolateCan I do it?

Starting at midnight tonight, I’m going to try.

An entire week without chocolate.

Just to prove I can.

My name is Daniel, and I am a chocoholic.

I may be addicted, but I CAN GIVE IT UP ANY TIME I LIKE.

No Mars Bars, no choc brownies, no Freddo Frogs, no hot chocolates (especially not like the one I had at lunchtime today, which was chocolate to the max — see pic). No chocolate cake, no choc-chip bagels, no choc icing doughnuts. No chocolate icecream, no cocoa, no Ovaltinees, no Kinder Surprise, no chocolate muffins, no M&Ms.

And you can bet no watching Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

16 replies on “Going cold turkey”

Wow! That’s admirable. Good luck!!
I once did something similar for 7 weeks, as I was told if you could give it up (and similar flavoured things like choc mousse and hot choc) for that long, you’d never want that flavour again. Heh. I’m living proof that it’s not true. Love chocolate.
You’re a brave, brave man.

Well, good luck! Avoid those check out lines at the supermarket and at the convenience stores. Enjoy that white milk too. For me, I can’t do without my cream in my coffee. To me, milk in coffee is yuck. I’d rather do without coffee all together without cream.

Wishing you the best of luck!

No point in telling you the best hot chocolate is in North Melbourne, Fraus, if you are giving up. It just leaves more in the world for me. Thanks, and good luck with your Quest.

I know Fraus… if I do find myself there, I’ll have to settle for a crepe instead!

To my surprise I haven’t really had an irrestistable craving yet.

I gave up chocolate when I turned 40.
I got sick of seeing the supermarket trolly full of chocolates and chocolate biscuits every weekend!
Good luck.

I have a profound, physical need for a Tim-Tam. Giving up on chocolate strikes me as too much like self-flaggelation or whatever else it is that monks get up to in their cells.

No, I am proud to say that I love chocolate and will continue to enjoy it in its many delicious, smooth, sensuous forms until I can enjoy it no longer. And, Daniel, by trying to deny your natural urges, you are undermining the work that chocolate lovers have been doing to make society accept us as we are, instead of trying to remake us in its image.

As a fellow chocoholic I admire Daniel for his bravery in this very hard assignment! I find chocolate a very hard thing to do without and I wish that I had Daniel’s strength to attempt such a hard feat. Good luck!

Good on you – and good luck! I give up chocolate every year for the seven or so weeks of Lent. Done it since I was four, so that’s 30 years this year… Doesn’t get any easier, but it makes Easter Sunday as much of a choc-fest as it is when you’re a kid. Great for the self-discipline too. Now, Pinot Noir – that’s another story entirely, maybe I should try that for next Lent…? (or maybe not!)

I had to laugh at your mention of the pimple on your nose. I’m nearly 50 and occasionally get them. They appear without rhyme, reason or song and certainly not related to my choco consumption. I’ve reduced my intake to one (1) and only one, frozen Nestlés Crunch, the ones with the rice bubbles in the choc, per week. A bag of minis lasts me just about a year. Drives my wife bonkers that I can resist them. But she knows better than to sneak any of “my” choco. Surprised you didn’t post a pic of the offending zit as a warning to young kids of the “danger” of excessive chocolate consumption.

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