Gastronomic delights

Tempo. It must have made their day when ten of us tramped in off Degraves Street, followed by mild panic when no table proved quite big enough to accomodate us. But we managed to squeeze in somehow. The chef probably reacted with some incredulity when faced with seven orders for the Lasagne, whose reputation preceded it. It was damn good, too. The bruschetta, House Red and a hot chocolate afterwards also went down a treat.Thumbs up

Milk Suckao at Max Brenner’s chocolate bar, QV. The idea of a self-heated (by a candle) miniature cup, wherein you can mix little bits of chocolate into milk, stir and wait for it to melt, is, I think, better in theory than in practice. Brenner’s little bits of chocolate are undeniably yummy (in the milk or out of it). Maybe if you want to spend your time mucking about mixing the ingredients, then trying to get the straw/spoon thing working (try as I might, mine didn’t work as a straw) then it might appeal. I’d rather be chatting to whoever you’re there with — which to my mind is half the point of going somewhere for a hot chocolate.

I came away with the impression that I’d just paid $5.50 to make a hot chocolate myself. Their other drinks and cakes looked good, but the Suckao? Call me a philistine if you like, but I’m not planning to repeat the experience.Thumbs down

By Daniel Bowen

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this entry gave me the idea to try out Max Brenner. did so today, almost a month after. A friend and myself had the choclate fondue and it was to die for with huge beautiful strawberries. Nice coffee too. A little on the expensive side but well worth the money. Thanks for the tip!!!

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