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New bins

Recycle binA new era has dawned in the City of Glen Eira. New recycle bins, with bright yellow lids, have been distributed (originally with crime-scene-style “Do not use until July” tape on them), and yesterday the new recycle truck did its first fortnightly run down our street.

There are three bits of good news associated with this:

  • Firstly, all the recycling goes in the one big bin. No mucking about with separate cardboard/paper and bottle/can bins.
  • They said we can do what we want with the old small recycle bins (same type as these). Yay, a freebie! Cleaned out, the bottle bin might make a good toy box.
  • Best, they’re now accepting all plastic recycle codes (1 to 7). Previously they could only take 1 to 3.

(Josh, has your council upgraded too, or do you want to bring all your saved up 4 to 7 plastic over here?)

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

6 replies on “New bins”

1-7? Sounds like they’re filtering the 4-7s out and chucking them in the tip. But at least they have that process and won’t just throw out the whole lot if there are some 4-7s in it.

Unless, of course, the whole lot is actually just going to the tip, which has been the deal for a few councils at times.

I was about to say we do 1 to 5, but then I recall that I read that in some government publication not a local council publication. I think there is a need for some co-ordinated state government and local council action with this.

Hi Daniel.
I’m in your council, and while I like having a nice new bin .. i’m so anal, it’s hurts not to SORT and flatten and etc etc all my recyclables. Putting in glass with paper makes me shudder .. I suppose i’ll grow out of it …

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