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The station by the sea

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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15 replies on “The station by the sea”

Wouldn’t it be even lovelier if the trains would work without all those ugly wires and poles and construction stuff everywhere? Still pretty, and I never knew it looked like that either …

Geez I hope you got permission to take those! I wanted to take photos of Ringwood station years ago for a local photo competition but the Connex droids told me it was company policy and I couldn’t take any photos, so they refused to let me onto the platform (I didn’t have a ticket, so that’s why I was asking to be let in instead of just going in). So I had to walk up to the overpass and take shots from there instead of on the platform.

Who gives a stuff what the station looks like?
The 6:49am Brighton Beach to Flinders Street was cancelled this morning.

Boy, do those photos make me want to go back to Melbourne–they remind me of hanging out in St. Kilda by the pier. I miss Oz, bigtime.

A little bit about Brighton Beach you probably wouldn’t know: It has several sidings no longer in use, and trains sometimes terminate there due to late running. It also has a signal box which you can see in the background. The buildings are also quite aesthetically pleasing (with the exception of the ’70s brown brick building on platform 3).

Instant recognition (though obviously somehwat belated) – Brighton Beach Station. It’s going to be my local (again) when I get back to Melbourne and drive there every morning to ensure a zone one ticket.

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