Parking signs

Spotted this parking restriction sign in Elsternwick.

Four hour parking

My question is this: How is it possible to over-stay the four hour limit between 8am and 12 noon on a Saturday? Why did they even bother restricting the parking on Saturdays?

So I thought that was pretty silly. Until I saw this one around the corner from it:

Five hour parking

I think someone at the local council needs to a little maths lesson.

Still not as bad as the speed limit signs though, I reckon.

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LOL, that’s freakin’ hilarious! I dare you to send it into the Age as a “letter to the editor” only as a “picture to the editor” to point out “the well spent tax dollars at work”. I’m sure Ottawa has some gems like that too. :) Thanks for giving me a laugh.

LOL. Don’t even get me started on ridiculous speed limits. Can someone explain how Johnston Street between Brunswick Street and Hoddle can have a 40 KMH limit, and yet Victoria Street between Hoddle and Church has a 60 limit? Someone needs to have their head examined.

I’ve never been sure about these time restrictions.

Does it mean that *if you arrive* between 8 am and midday you are allowed to stay for that many hours (ie 4 or 5), or does it mean the maximum stay *if you arrive and depart between the hours stated* is 4 (5) hours?

We always assume the latter, but only the former makes sense on these signs.

A good make-work job for a bureaucrat would be to review the times and conditions on all signs. There would be all sorts of working parties, interdepartmental review panels and similar liaison duties in the offing.

I suspect some signs date from when Saturday shopping meant 9am – noon, places like Chadstone were much smaller and the ‘big-box’ retailers (whose busiest time is Saturdays and Sunday 1 – 5pm) didn’t exist.

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