Speed-limit sign stupidity

This is one of the silliest things I’ve seen in quite some time…

40 and 60 speed limit signs40 and 60 speed limit signs

At my very rough estimate, the signs are about 20 metres apart. By my (admittedly sometimes dodgey) maths, driving at 40kmh you’d cover that ground in 1.8 seconds.

(10 points to whoever guesses where it is.)

By Daniel Bowen

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No idea where that is, but there’s another silly one in Newport. You drive along Hudson road at 40 past the school, then 50 towards the lights. As you cross the lights, you can do 60, but once over Melbourne road, you have to slow to 50 again in the other side of Hudson road.

It is in Victoria…………….. What do I win?

However when you pass Colac in regional Victoria, the speed limits changes 8 times in the space of about a kilometre and a half, with at least 1 speed camera placed in the middle of the confusion.

I was driving through Cohuna last week and if I remember correctly it went like this in a very short distance – 100 k’s down to 80, then 60 k’s then 40 k’s (school area) then back up to 50 k’s past school area. Even my car was confused!

This is actually a really good idea — and I’ve seen similar before myself.
This will be at the END of a longish 40 zone.
If there was just a 60 sign, cars would speed up to 60-70km/h as soon as they could see the sign.
This way traffic is more likely to stick to the 40 limit for longer

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