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The mystery visitor

Happy 6/6/6.

The early morning noises in the roof have been back, a regular fixture at about 4am most mornings in the last couple of weeks.

Is it a possum? A rat? I don’t know, but some mornings it’s scurrying around and making scratching noises in the wall between my bedroom and the bathroom, up towards the ceiling. Have a listen, see what you think.

I’ll be going up into the ceiling to take a look, just as soon as I can get hold of a ladder big enough. (I’ve been meaning to buy one for some other little jobs.)

Update Wednesday 8am. I think I agree with the bulk of the commenters… probably a rat. Question is, why the song-and-dance at 4am every morning?

By Daniel Bowen

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Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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7 replies on “The mystery visitor”

Could not work it out from the sound bite. Possums thump, rats and mice scratch. Assume it is rats and put some Ratsack in the roof. It will solve all noise issues, but don’t tell anyone.

I vote rat/s. You wouldn’t be in any doubt if it was possums noisy litle blighters. Chuck some rat poison up there.

I vote with Andrew and Hendo, it sounds more like a rodent than a possum….. You know all about it when you have a possum take up residence…. They are serious Party animals…. The seem to love dancing with hobnail boots on!!! It’s about as annoying as having workmen with jackhammers at 3:42 AM digging up your front path.

I do find possums cute, I like the way they use the electricty wires as pathways…. then down the wire to a house. Its fine as long as it’s not my house!

I recently stayed in a bat-plauged caravan park in Bellingen – and the bats started dancing (or coming home to bed) at about 4am too. Maybe it’s a bat and rat thing?

My solution was a rat trap and a IR remote camera (so it could see in the dark) in the roof, thus I could watch the little bug%^&er get caught. I also put ratsack around the trap, and the they would sit there loooking at the camera eating the stuff all up.

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