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Bowen belly

Unbelievably, just hours after lamenting with Marita about how some of us in the Bowen family are prone to upset tummies, I felt the same myself. The Bowen belly had struck yet again, though not as badly as some other times. This comes after my sister and her toddler were struck down with something last week.

Why are we so delicate? Beats me.

So having lost a couple of hours’ sleep overnight, I elected to work from home today (I didn’t have any meetings with anybody scheduled, and it saves about an hour in travel time — gawd bless remote access). Thus most of the day was spent coding in my trackie-dacks, and at one point retired for a quick afternoon snooze.

I’m sure I recall reading about studies which showed working from home could be more productive than going into the office. Even with the model working environment described above, I seemed to get plenty of work done today.

By Daniel Bowen

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2 replies on “Bowen belly”

Yeah, my version of the Bowen Belly, aka the Ren Belly (funnily enough), ain’t pleasant either. To the point where I rarely eat when I go out with friends. Ick.

Last week on Radio National…(I wish I had a better memory) they were discussing power/nanna naps and even had an employer that factored in for those employees that needed it! She said it was very effective. Staff scheduled in 15 mins for it. Sounds sane! Savvy.

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