Crash — Superb drama. More than a little unsettling at times, but not a total depressionfest. Some Pulp Fictionesque dialogue and interconnecting story threads that reminded me a bit of Lantana. Nobody really gets off scott-free in this movie, and it really makes the point that none of us is totally good, or totally bad. Great stuff.Thumbs up!

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I only got to watch half of it when I hired it as my guests were complaining it was too graphic. Must go and hire it again and watch the entire movie by myself as I have a feeling I am missing out on something good.

You should Lyn,
It is a great film- worthy winner of the best film at this years oscars. :-D

Yep, it’s a great film, especially the scene where the woman is rescued from the car accident by our good friend Officer Serial Groper. Soundtrack is wonderful, too.

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