The sock purge

Holeproof brand socks aren’t really holeproof. They get holes just as much as any other brand of sock.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve done something of a purge of socks with holes in the toes. I had plenty, and I have a sneaking suspicion that many of them were Holeproof brand.

I didn’t even keep any as “emergency socks.” Sometimes you just have to be ruthless (and hope you have enough new ones to cope).

By Daniel Bowen

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I used to have a “sock” bag years ago and it was ridiculous how long I would hold onto single socks in the vain hope that the mate would turn up one day. No longer have that problem as I turfed the bag out and exist with just a few pairs of supermarket bought knee high tights. If one goes missing, big deal, just fork out another 99 cents and get a new pair. I wish I could apply the same principals regarding my daggy pj’s when they are well past their wear by date. Also, buying bulk in the same sock makes sense to me, that way one going north or south doesn’t really impact.

I buy Big-W brand socks for work – they are about 1/3 the price of Holeproof, but they get holes in them fairly soon. I was thinking of trying “Holeproof” (paying the extra) but won’t cos of your observations.
At least the holes aren’t visible (well, my kids notice them when I lie on the floor at home).

Having just discovered yet another hole in the toe of another sock, I have declared war and am gonig to get new ones soon. I think there’s an underwear sale on at one of the dept stores constantly.
RE: Darning socks – I only darn my ‘cool’ socks. The blah black ones get tossed, where my groovy stripey ones which are harder to replace all have several stitiches in each!

I’m all for bulk sock buys, I think about four of five different types of socks with several pairs of each is sufficient (yes, I like to have lots of socks). It is about time for me to get nasty with the contents of my sock drawer, however, as I know there are things in there I have not worn since before I knew my wife. At least I’m glad she knows well enough to have self-declared my sock drawer a no-go area. I can’t imagine the impact her delving into there would have on our relationship.

i wear holeproof explorer socks exclusiely.

they are oz made.


last forever.

i do darn the occasional hole.

i have about 50 pairs, accumulated over sevaeral years.

i only wash socks once a month this way, although standing at the washing machine turning them all inside out (says so on the packet) takes ages.

anyone remember ‘computer’ socks ?

explorer, i bought some ‘computer’ socks this afternoon, but only because they were the only black socks i could find in my size!
mind you they are quite comfortable.

I’m also a fan of the explorer socks not only do they last forever but the are soo warm…and its damn cold in the morning

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