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The blame Games

Flying tram - from BBC news onlineAhhh… the Commonwealth Games opening ceremonythe flying tram… landing on a giant Melway. You know what, if I had designed the opening moments, that’s probably how I would have done it. Didn’t understand the juxtaposition of ballet dancers and trail bikes though.

I noticed in a city drycleaners the other day a sign indicating there could be problems getting clothes back on time… due to traffic restrictions and other delays imposed by the Games. And I’ve seen similar signs elsewhere.

It’s brilliant. You can blame any problem on the Games.

“Sorry I’m late… The Games…”

“I think I’ll work from home tomorrow… you know… The Games…”

“Sorry boss, didn’t get that report done. The Games…”

“I know I didn’t get you a birthday present… it’s The Games…”

“Yes I’m sorry I forgot our anniversary, and the car has a flat battery, the kids didn’t get fed, and the cat died, your mum’s got gastro and the house is a tip… you know, it’s The Games.”

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

13 replies on “The blame Games”

Yes, season 2 of THE GAMES hasn’t been released on DVD yet, but y’know… “the games”…

You should have been writing for Monty Python. Or perhaps you heard something similar there.
(Oh and if someone from Monty Python is reading this please let Daniel know what you thought of it – if only so I know.)

The helicopter probably is, actually. We live near Point Cook base and the buggers have been going over in pairs and threes every hour or so for the last week. As of Tuesday they were going over every couple of hours overnight, too. Apparently headed for GAMES venues to protect the athletes from airborne attacks or somepin like that.

Cannot WAIT for THE GAMES to be over, me – along with every other parent of light-sleeping children in my area, I’ll bet.

I don’t care for drycleaning, but the big question (for me) is if the belgian waffle stalls at FSS will reverse their price rise for plain waffle eaters after the games.

It was $2 + $1 topping before the games, but (as warned last week) it has now gone up to $2.50 + $50c.


It’s only a tourist service that duplicates several tram routes, so I doubt that they would be interested. But I could be wrong, we could be seeing PTUA “Fix the tourist bus!!” billboards all over town ;)

The PTUA’s main gripe with the tourist bus is that it’s funded from the MCC’s share of the car park levy, so it should be going to projects that benefit commuters, not tourists.

To think I was watching the ABC that night. And then missed out on the following day’s news services. And as such missed _the_entire_thing_, completely unaware that there were lawn mowers and hills hoists (and trams too, judging by the photo). I’m not sure I’ll be able to look my kids in the face. The shame! The horror!

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