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So the other week I opened up the Good Weekend A2 (Saturday newspaper colour magazine). I ask you, does the world really need another profile of Barry Humphries?

I’m not asking for him to go and die or anything, and I find Dame Edna as amusing as the next person, but this continuing fascination for the baby-boomers is somewhat frustrating when so many other younger talented people aren’t getting a look-in.

By Daniel Bowen

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good grief Barry Humphries, my parents thought he was so funny when we lived in Australia. He enjoyed a brush with fame here in England too for a while, but I didn’t know he was even still alive.

Never found him that funny myself.

You X gen people will get you turn, if you have the stomach for it. Allow us to indulge ourselves. If you are a bit annoyed at our indulgences, I undertand. It does seem that we are a bit omnipresent. But you know full well, newspaper, readership, target audience. Humphries is always interesting becaue of his sexual ambiguity. Maybe finally we will read something that proves one way or the other. After seeing his ex wife on Australian Story tv, perhaps he may have been driven to jump the fence. It couldn’t be much worse than being married to her.

Can’t stand Barry Humphries or any of his alter egos – especially Dame Edna and Les Patterson. I think he is totally grose and disgusting and I really wish he would just go away!

Yep Barry Humprhies is usually pretty risque in his humour. Damn one wonders how different he really is to TV shows like “Pizza”, of the somewhat crude variety of humour.

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