Wonka and Tropfest

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory — OMG, it’s Johnny Depp playing Michael Jackson playing Willy Wonka. Deep Roy (who 30 years ago played Mr Sin in Doctor Who — The Talons of Weng-Chiang) must have worked hard on this, playing all the Oompa Loompahs. All in all, enjoyable, and thankfully the spectre of the old version of the movie didn’t hang too much of a shadow over it.Thumbs up!

Tropfest 2006 finalists (DVD free with The Age a few weeks ago) — a lot of great short films. One or two I didn’t quite understand fully, but most very good. My faves included Last Stop, Carmichael and Shane (a father talks about the benefits of favouritism of one twin over the other — this one won), terrific animation in Carnivore Reflux. Geek prize goes to Glitch.Thumbs up!

By Daniel Bowen

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agree totally he is so Michael Jackson – having flashbacks about his Papa – too scary! But the kids love the oompa loompas so have played this dvd continuously this week. The elevator is way better in this version don’t you think?

As Diana Fisher used to say on The Inventers, “is it safe for children?” (ie suitable for primary school aged kids?). thanks

Hi Daniel,My favorite in the Trop Fest was the “How many doctors does it take to change a light bulb?”. But I too really enjoyed all of them. Glad the Age gave out a great treat.

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