Out amongst the roos

I know that up near Seymour, kangaroos are considered pests. But to a City Boy like me, it’s still nice to see them hopping about in the wild.

Kangaroos in the wild, near Seymour

PS. Monday 7am. When you’re walking around in bare feet, have to watch out for the roo poo.

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Had to be careful not to hit ’em on my way in on Friday. Didn’t manage to get any photos of them myself though. Sounds like that was when everyone went for the walk and didn’t wait for anyone who didn’t have their shoes on already!

I had to crop the picture a bit, to keep it and the roos to a decent size, as they were a long way off, and the basic 3x zoom on my camera can only do so much.

Jezza, you needed to run a bit faster to catch up!

I’ve seen pics of the Gisborne Golf Course with heaps of them hopping around whilst the golfers play.

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