This looks different

I was engrossed in my book. The train stopped, and I opened the doors and hopped out. I walked along the platform. This looks different… where did the glass doors from the entrance go?

This is not my station. My station’s the next one.

The train doors were still open, so I hopped back on, and starting paying more attention to where I was.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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Haha. Lack of concentration when using public transport only inconveniences yourself, unlike when driving. There must be tens of people every day who miss their station because they have dozed off.

This reminded me of the time (back around 1990) when I was on my way with some others to the Annual Melbourne High School end-of-year formal assembly thingy. I got off the train at South Yarra but everyone else stayed inside. They were looking at me strangely. I was telling them to get off the bloody train. Then the doors shut and I realised that the assembly was at the Melbourne Town Hall. When I got there everyone was laughing at me, including Daniel, if I recall correctly. So, Daniel, I have only one thing to say –

“What are ya? You’re a dork, mate, a complete and utter…”

Ah, that revenge felt nice and cold.

A service where it sends a vibrating sms to your phone when the train you’re in reaches your station might be the go.

Called SleepEasy Reminders, it allows you to get that extra 10 minutes deep shuteye without worrying that you’ll miss your station. Just set it up before you doze off.

Such a thing would depend on current passenger information systems which are frequently wrong, so it might not be workable after all!

you know how you get in the same place of the train and see the same people every day but never say hi to them, but know them anyway. one afternoon a woman was fast asleep and i knew she was going to miss her station. so i gently woke her.

To another extreme: I know someone, who happens to (coincidentally) live in Bentleigh. On one occasion, they fell asleep on a Frankston-bound train before it got to Bentleigh. They woke up, and saw the station sign. It was Parkdale. Being new to Melbourne at the time (this was 20yrs ago), they had to go to the ticket office and ask the man “Where the heck am I ?”.

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