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A special charity episode with David Tennant and Billie Piper just aired in Britain, and is available online for a little while. (Though so far, I can’t get it to play. I assume that’s a heavy load, rather them blocking it for non-UK viewers.)

This looks vaguely familiar: Cybus Corporation.

I’ve just ordered the 9th Doctor boxset (the one with all the special features). At just under $100 (including postage) from Amazon UK, it’s substantially cheaper than the (almost exhorbitant) $150 asking price in Australia, and I should get it a week or two before the AU release.

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I couldn’t get it to play either until I realised that my settings for the BBC site were to play content in Windows Media. Change your settings to Real Player and give it a go.

Anonymous, The UK use the same type as we do(PAL)whereas in the US and Canada, they use NTSC. Although the DVD regioning is different,Aus- R4,UK-R2. If you have a multi region DVD player, then you should be fine if you want to watch a DVD from R2(although you might need to find out whether your TV has NTSC playback abillity if you want to watch a R1 dvd, or possibly a NTSC tape).

Couldn’t get the BBC feed to work, but naturally it’s available via BitTorrent ;)

Awesome that it continued straight on from the end of last season, but hell it dumped us with even more of a cliffhanger than we already had damnit…!!!

Bring on December (and then January for part 2 of season 2 of Battlestar Galactica)!

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