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Jeremy is so taken by the Knight Bus scene in Harry Potter 3 that he’s recreated it on the computer. He’s found a little applet thingy on the HP web site that plays various Lenny Henry Shrunken Head quotes periodically, and has that running while he plays Midtown Madness 2, in London, driving around a double-decker bus coloured blue, while shouting things like “Yeah yeah take it away Ernie!” and “Little old lady at 12 o’clock!” in his version of a Jamaican accent.

I’ve started receiving and sending out Christmas cards. Current tally is In: 2, Out: 4.

8pm update: Another card received. Maybe I should put these up. Like, in place of those old birthday cards from August…

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xmas bites. what a crock – the only good parts are the holidays and chance to catch up with family/friends so that’s all i’ll engage with.

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