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My old house

My old house is now available for rent. They must have taken the picture a few weeks ago, because you can see my car in the driveway in the picture.

House for rent ad

Two typos in the headline. Good effort.

“separate meals area” — I don’t see that myself. It’s pretty much in one room with the kitchen, separated only by the very attractive lime-green peninsula bench.

“central bathroom”? — Well, if you call “down the back of the house” central, then yeah, I guess so…

“lock up garage” — Not the last time I looked at it. Unless you define a block of wood used as a primitive latch to be a lock.

Ah well, it had its faults, and I certainly did my share of whinging about it. But it was home for two years.

(Now, if I can just get the agent people to talk to each other. One rang yesterday and left a voicemail trying to arrange a time for inspection, apparently unaware that one of her colleagues has already accepted the keys back, done a final inspection and paid me back the bond.)

By Daniel Bowen

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Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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I never know what real estate agents mean by “just minutes from…”. For instance, Melbourne is “just minutes from” Perth if you take a week to drive there(604,800 minutes in fact).
PS If it’s not rude to ask, did you pay $265/week when you rented, or did you/your kids devalue the property so much, the price has dropped? (:

It’s true that there is a good range of shops and restaurants about 10 mins walk away.

The rent appears to have gone up marginally; about $10 a week.

Susze: Yeah, I thought that was odd. It was first listed almost straight after I’d told them I was moving out, with that availability date. Maybe they had some work planned?

Somebody: They didn’t come to visit and take interior photos before I moved out. Anyway, pics of the inside of an empty house probably aren’t very appealing!

Hi Again Dannial. Renting agents I aggree are a laugh a minute. I was involved in the hand back of a property in Kew. And thanks to a number of stuff ups by the renting agents, we ended up in Vcat. The agents tried to go us because they said that my now X flat mate hadn’t given in his keys. Anyway, once that issue was I thought sorted out, they then tried to go us to keep the bond. They were saying that there was rent out standing when we had paid everything up. Actually it was I who paid it up in the finnish.

The things we go through!

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