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Million dollar parma

Chicken parma, Metropolitan Hotel, North Melbourne — How could one resist a meal touted as “Fat arse chook parma”? I certainly couldn’t. And yes, it was huge. A fellow diner commented that no part of a chicken is that big, and the waiter agreed. Perhaps it was really turkey parma, or ostrich parma? It was pretty tasty, too. Sadly, the connoisseurs at haven’t found this one, but they have recently awarded the crown for best parma to the nearby Leveson Hotel, also in North Melbourne. Still, this one must get full marks for size… I’ll point them to it. $16 well spent.Thumbs up!

Million Dollar Baby — Another of Hollywood’s best, most thought-provoking movies from Clint Eastwood. What starts as a reasonably straightforward, but far from mindless, engaging drama, then takes an almighty twist as the characters agonise over what is an important and topical issue. A great film, marred only by way-too-obvious advertising for Everlast.Thumbs up!

Over on Geekrant, I’ve been re-living my past geek-glory writing computer games.

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I enjoyed Million Dollar Baby too. I fought against seeing it at a cinema but now realise that it was one of those times when I missed an opportunity to see a really good flick on the big screen. I think Hilary Swank is a pretty fine actress too. She was fantastic in Boys Don’t Cry too.

Oh my god! The parma’s at the Metropolitan are to die for… either that, or you die eating them :) we found this marvel after moving to the area back in May, and have been trying to get the guys at SuperParma to check it out… still no luck though. Oh, and on Monday nights the parma’s are only $12!!!

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