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Ant attack!

Yesterday morning I awoke, stumbled into the livingroom and turned on the heater to take the edge off the cold. Wandered out to get the newspaper, unwrapped it, sat down on the floor to have a quick look at it. Glanced over to the heater. Crawling with ants. Ants carrying small white things. Were they there when I turned the heater on moments earlier? I don’t know — I had been half asleep.

I let out an cry which merged the feelings of anguish, frustration and shock, which brought the kids into the room wondering what the fuss might be about.

I’ve long suspected there might be termites in the roof. From time to time mysterious black things have come down… previously in the bathroom, they are presently appearing in the kitchen. Most people’s suggestions last time were that it was termites, though my favourite guess was that it was alien dandruff.

But these things on the heater were white. Perhaps these were termite eggs, a delicious delicacy to the ants? Sorry, I didn’t get a picture. I vaccuumed and wiped them up, and the ants disappeared. I’m now counting down the days until I move out… (eleven, if you wondered)

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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So, ants carrying little white things? Those would be eggs. You just put a whole bunch of ant eggs into your vacuum cleaner, and now you’re going to burn the vacuum cleaner – no hang on, you’re going to move it to your new house. Perhaps to remove the cleaner bag and leave it in the trash before you move?

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