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The weekend in brief

Picked up Marita (back from Perth junket conference) from the airport on Friday night. Traffic bad. Very bad. That’s what comes from agreeing to pickup before realising the flight lands at 6:35pm.

Went to a wedding on Saturday morning.

Shopped on Saturday afternoon. Saw three hall stands in a Fitzroy antique shop that would look really nice in the entrance hallway of my new house. One very expensive. The other two merely moderately expensive. Will consider the latter.

Also saw cool weather vanes in a garden shop. Ooh, pricey. Again, they’d look nice on top of my house though!

Went to the wedding reception on Saturday evening. Discovered Peter from Mind Games is a friend of the bride. Small world.

Danced to bad disco music. At one time, I would have publicly scorned Kiss’s “I was made for lovin’ you.” Was temporarily sweaty.

Slept mostly okay Saturday night, apart from barking dog at 2am.

Went for a walk with kids to Dick Smith on Sunday afternoon. Ah, gotta love that sustained > 30 minutes exercise. Bought October’s DVD.

Got baby pics from Josh and Cathy. They sound a tad wornout from their newly found parenting job.

Tidied up study. Chucked out one big garbage bag full of stuff. Gave away a big pile of stuff on Freecycle for the first time. Somebody wants the stuff I don’t. Very cool.

By Daniel Bowen

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