Morons on the road

I’m not sure

I’m not sure, but I think the car was a blue Ford Falcon.

I’m not sure, but OZC 821 may have been the licence plate number.

I’m not sure, but the lady driving it may have been eating an apple.

I’m not sure, but she may have got her driver licence in a corn flakes packet.

I am sure most people don’t drive that fast up to a pedestrian crossing showing a red light against them; stop a full car-length past the stop line, fouling the crossing (after the people had crossed, thankfully); then take off before the light goes green again.

I’m not sure, but I think she is a moron.

By Daniel Bowen

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Wonder if it was the same lady who came sailing around the bend along the Maribyrnong river yesterday afternoon, causing my friend and I to brace ourselves for impact even though I had right of way lady!!!! Her eyes did not even veer one milimetre towards her right where she should have been looking. Maybe she’d been to Poynton’s Nursery and her vision was blocked by the ficus she’d picked up for a bargain. I know where I’d like to have put the darn ficus lol.

Ahh, sounds like London driving in general.

Not to stereotype or anything.

The worst offenders seem to be taxi-cabs, which is ironic seeing as they think they are God’s gift to driving and curse anyone else who isn’t driving to their ‘perfect’ standards.

But anyway.

I like the idea of walking over cars that block pedestrian crossings – might be a bit more difficult when a coach does it…

Had a taxi driver on Saturday night who made an illegal right hand turn across trafic, spat pips from whatever he was eating out the window, and drove about 2km down bicycle lanes in 2 streets…

But we made it Alive !!

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