St George

The great thing about using St George Bank in Victoria is that on the rare occasions I have to go into a branch, there’s never any queues, because they don’t have any customers.

By Daniel Bowen

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3 replies on “St George”

I do all I can to avoid going into a bank, or even speaking to bank staff on the phone. Staff are under-trained and generally woeful.

PS I like your letter in today’s Age: more freeways=more cars. Obvious!

St George branch in Geelong appears not to be open on Saturdays, either.

Bank of Bendigo does, and they have customers, and customer service.

Bank of Bendigo agency near me even has an interest in fixing their mistakes.

Once I had troubles accessing the easy to use BofB website due to Mozilla being my browser. Imagine my surprise when a real IT person, someone involved in their website upgrade, rang me in response to my complaint and gave me an interim backdoor solution/fix. Fantastic!

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