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Stuff from the past week

Stuff from the past week:

  • My arch nemesis, Big Ears/Darrin, often hangs out with his mates having a coffee outside the Collins Street (Paris End) McDonalds on weekdays about 9:30am. I wonder if I can bribe the McPeople there to do the same thing to him as he did to me?
  • After much hunting, last Sunday I found “Safe” brand recycled tissues at Caulfield Coles. I bought four boxes. The checkout-bloke must have wondered why.
  • On Wednesday I got my tax for 2004-05 sorted out. Normally this doesn’t happen until much closer to the deadline at the end October, but I got it out of the way for two very important reasons: firstly I’ll be moving then, and don’t want the extra hassle; and secondly by my rough calculations, I reckon I’ve got a pretty big refund coming my way.
  • I also stopped past my new post office box on Wednesday, which was christened with its first letter. Woo hoo. A credit card bill. D’oh!
  • Not that I expect anybody cares, but the very slow process of moving my old diary content into WordPress continues: I’ve moved all of 1999 across. Plenty of memories in there, including the trip to Italy and England, and in particular the memorable final day.

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RE: Tissues. Am off to my local shopping centre to go to the Safeway there to see if they still stock the loo paper we used to buy from the Coles there. If they do, I’ll buy a pack a week. I like the Coles enough to keep shopping there, but will endure an additional stop each week just for loo paper from the Safeway, if indeed they still stock it.
Every week, I’ll go buy that loo paper and I reckon I’ll get weird glances from the checkouters – there’s that chick who only ever buys loo paper….

re the tissues and loorolls, I honestly think the checkout chavs would have to learn by the end of their first week, not to think about what customers buy, or they would go mad.

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