Where have all the recycled tissues gone?

Naturale recycled tissuesFrom cruising through both Safeway and Coles in the past few weeks, it would appear that the Safe and Naturale branded recycled napkins and (facial) tissues are no longer generally available, and the ones I do have are about to run out.

This bugs me, as I’ve been using them both for years (switching to non-recycled aloe-vera tissues in times of high usage to minimise nasal soreness). Both brands still sell recycled toiletpaper in both Coles and Safeway.

According to the Wilderness Society web site (not updated since 2000), a number of other brands use recycled office paper. But I don’t know if this is still accurate. A quick survey last night at Safeway showed none of those on the shelf mentioning using recycled paper. You’d think if they were using recycled paper, they’d be shouting about it from the rooftops. Some mentioned they had recycled cartons, but not recycled tissues.

I spoke to the distributors for Naturale a couple of months ago about this. At the time they seemed to think there was no problem getting their products. But there was. What’s happening, I don’t know, but they’ve gone very quiet.

I wonder if some great tissue conspiracy is afoot.

By Daniel Bowen

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I would have thought an old fashioned hankerchief was more environmentally friendly, since it’s re-useable?
Sorry for being smart-a$%!

Sometimes the sheer volume of snot is way beyond the capacities of a handkerchief or ten, especially if it’s the very runny allergy-type… MMMMMMmmmmmm

I thought it was common knowledge that Coles and Woolworths (er Safeway to you) are slowly phasing out a good 70% or so of brands and varieties as part of their streamlined and more cost effective (for them, consumer gets no discount) service.

When complete you’ll find for each product there is only their in-house brand plus one or two alternatives, that’ll be it.

Yeah, I’d read about that in a Good Weekend article a while back. But I haven’t actually seen brands/varieties withdrawn from sale in any other range of products — maybe I’m just not paying attention?

Maybe it’s time to go look at the smaller supermarkets for these products.

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