It’s September, it’s finals time, and that means the footy-tipping has ended for the year.

I got 7/8 in the final round, but I’m well behind the leaders. So unlike last year, no prize money in the work competition, and in Tony’s competition it’ll be lucky, lucky Rob who will get the perpetual trophy at the ceremony on Grand Final day.

Which means I’ll be shot of it before moving day. Hooray!

PS. For anybody who used to watch Grange Hill, vale Mr Bronson. (He also had a number of roles in Doctor Who).

By Daniel Bowen

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2 replies on “September”

Mr Bronson dead…. NOOOOOOO!

Actually saw him in Doctor Who a few weeks back, had to look three or four times to see it was him.

Apart from Mr Bronson do you remember him from Empire Strikes Back and Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade?

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