I’ve been with you for twenty years, but I’ve had enough.

Oh sure, we’ve often been happy together. But lately you’ve been really annoying at times. You’ve been taking me for granted, taking more and more from me. And what you’ve given back I’ve found to be… well, disappointing.

Well now I’ve had a better offer. From someone younger, and more eager to please.

Commonwealth Bank, you’re dumped.

(Okay, I’ll probably keep my business banking through them, but with the home loan offer bringing St George’s transaction accounts with it, all the rest of my banking switching.)

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

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Credit Unions are the absolute best for personal banking. I bank with the Police Association Credit Union and would never ever go back to a major bank for anything. I despise even having to step foot inside them for our business banking at my work. Always some poor disgruntled customer in front of you. And if I couldn’t bank with a Credit Union then I would definitely go with one of the non-major banks. Big banks suck!

Daniel, I totally agree with you. The CBA sucks!! Their charges are becoming rediculous. Like you, I have been with the CBA for a lot of years. When I was 5 years old my parents opened a Dollarmite account with them for me and, up until recently, I have been happy with the CBA.

Every week it seems they are charging for something new. And now, with them charging a monthly account keeping fee AS WELL as a 50c charge for every internet transaction made outside your linked accounts (except for the “very kind” 3 free transactions each month) it’s becoming very expensive, particularly for someone like me who relies on internet banking and uses it at least 3 times a week.

It’s no wonder people find it so hard to save any money these days because the banks are taking it all from them in fees!!!

I haven’t read the details yet, but what is the total cost for your deal with St George? Are they offering a loan without a monthly fee on top of the interest that is supposed to pay for the privilege of borrowing the money? If so, I’ll go with them.

Do they add free transactions and have no monthly fees on their bank account? If so, that’s in their favour too.

Right now my Commbank loan is something like 7.32% and costs $8 a month on top of that. In return I get Streamline accounts that are charged the way banking was designed (ie. free), but I still pay if I withdraw money through other banks’ atms (fair enough I say).

If St George can give the same or lower loan rate, get rid of the monthly fee (or effectively reduce the loan cost to less than the 7.32%+$8) and still give me free accounts then I’ll switch.

Keeping the business banking with them is akin to still sleeping with the ex-girlfriend… it’s just wrong… and it’s unhealthy… make a clean break, or no break at all.

I dropped CBA on their pathetic arse as well as my National Bank business account.

I’ve gone with SGE Credit Union (

I had a problem with something and a REAL person actually rung me to deal with it. They were brilliant. It was the upmost in professionalism but also lost no personal touch. I actually felt moved to write a letter of appreciation to them.

Well done. I’m with CBA and I now have to pay transaction fees – I didn’t previously because I have a housing loan – where I pay an $8 a month fee. Now they’ve reduced their threshhold for paying fees and they’ve got me. I don’t mind paying fees on my housing account if my normal banking is fee free .. but NOT both. I’m with you. I’ve told them I’m not happy and that I’m actively looking for somewhere else.

As I said before .. well done!!

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