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Furniture and paperwork

Since I’m moving house soonish, and am planning to buy a new couch and do a hatchet job in the kitchen with that cool looking but unusable (to me) ancient oven, there seem to be an awful lot of kitchen and furniture catalogues finding their way into my junk mail.

It’s like they know.

I’ve dutifully looked through some of them, trying to find what I like. Which is not easy. I’m finding it much easier to identify what I don’t like, which may mean it’s a process of elimination. I swear the furniture catalogue that arrived today had a full page of leather lounge suites — all hideous. Cross them off the list.

Perhaps I need to get out and about and look at some of this stuff in person. But first I need to get the various house purchase paperwork done: I’ve got wads of the stuff from the bank (the home loan), the solicitors (including a request to measure the place… lordy lordy, must find that tape measure) and the home insurance people.

Blimey, it’s complicated.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
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4 replies on “Furniture and paperwork”

Think of the fun process of bouncing up & down on the couches as you try them out, & not getting told off for it! In fact, you could take your kids & let them bounce all over the place!

Probably one of those selection bias things or whatever it’s called. Now that ovens and lounge suites are relevant to you, the presence of that whole class of junk mail is getting past your pre-conscious filters. Previously your zombie self would have simply tipped it all straight into the recycling without troubling your conscious self with the gory details.

Or, I shudder to suggest, maybe your bank or estate agent passed your details onto others. Though maybe not; I assume it was the usual unaddressed stuff.

Put it down to Spring!

Also I hope you didn’t fall for completing that hideous ‘Australia Post Lifestyle Survey’ a few months back.

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