Blargh. I have a cold. I could feel it coming on yesterday afternoon… the tell-tale throat (itchy, then sore), the sneezing, the lack of energy. It took hold last night.

So another day off work. Jeremy was sick on Tuesday; Isaac and I today. I’m sure it would be economically better for me if everyone in the house got sick at once.

On the other hand, it wouldn’t be very pleasant living in the House of Pestilence. We’d need to get a pole and fly the quarantine flag.

Update 4:15pm. Pseudoephedrine and tissues with aloe vera are my friends…

By Daniel Bowen

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Sending you get-well wishes from warm and sunny Canada. I hope the immune system kicks in and knocks that cold dead in its tracks. Luckily, no summer colds here! We’ll get our fair share in our winter-time. Yes, would be easier if all the house got sick at once, I agree.
Best Wishes for a speedy recovery.

I received a Reader’s Feast catalogue in the mail today which has “The Encyclopedia of Melbourne” by Andrew Brown-May & Shurlee Swain. Have you heard anything about it? It is $150, but that is understandable if it is a limited print run as I remember some text books that were that price. When is the Melbourne Writer’s Festival going to let bloggers in?

What is it with everyone confusing “recycled” with “re-used” ? :-)

Haven’t heard of it Tim. One of the festivals (might have been the Writers) was asking net writers some years ago for material to include on their tram shelter advertising.

Now I know how I got my virus! LOL. I knew they got spread over the internet but I didn’t realise it relates to all viruses. I’m into the sneezing stage of mine (Stage 3).

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