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Blogging and chocolate

Blogging is starting to be taken seriously by product promoters. Some time back I posted (rather bitterly I admit) about the exhorbitant price of a TV theme mobile jingle I bought. Someone at the TV listing company that had linked to it (not the actual jingle company who got the money) saw that post, tracked me down and sent me a refund.

A few months ago, a company that makes a multimedia CD for teaching Australian English spotted my much-in-need-of-an-update Guide to Australia and sent me a review copy.

Cocolo chocolateMore recently I mentioned that well-known organic chocolate maker Green & Black’s had been bought by Cadbury. This prompted a note from the guys at Cocolo, makers of fine Swiss organic chocolate, letting me know that their product is available in Australia, and asking if I’d like to try a sample.

Would I? Ha!

There’s something about this chocolate that I can’t quite put my finger on. Something that makes it utterly delicious. It could be that unlike most brands, you get just a hint of the cocoa within, without it dominating. The Dark Chocolate Orange in particular had a rather lovely tangy aftertaste, which showed up a few seconds after I finished chewing, and left me hesistant to take another bite, lest it vanish. The other one, the Milk Chocolate, seems creamy but without being overly so, and leaves the bog standard Cadbury chocolate (which I like, mind you) for dust.

Both of them have the kind of taste that you could enjoy immensely in small doses, without wolfing the whole packet down in a hurry. This is great stuff, and I’ll be watching out for it in the shops.Thumbs up!

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

11 replies on “Blogging and chocolate”

Hope your not going to sell out on us now? :-)

The choc is nice not quite green and blacks maya gold (dark choc with orange and spices) but nice all the same.

Feel free choc company to send me some free choc and I’ll be sure to inform all of the half dozen people who visit my blog.

Aren’t you the lucky one! Good for you and mmmm, I’d be tempted to buy it too – the organic milk chocolate, if my waistline wouldn’t expand LOL. As it is, I’m allowing myself a treat a week, otherwise chocolate is off my list of foods eaten. Enjoy that tasty treat!

Wow, that is cool! Ok, from this point on I will be putting in links to how much I love Sony 52″ flat screen televisions!! :) It doesn’t look like we can get that chocolate in Canada but I’m going to have a look around town first to make sure.

I expect to see an story on Media Watch on Monday about the “Chocolates For Comments” scandal in the Australian blogging “industry”.

Shame Daniel, shame!

In all seriousness… good luck to ya… only wish I’d get some of that action.

DAMN DAMN DAMN… how on earth does a girl get free chocolate from using their blog?! I’ll sell out… pick MEEEEE…. pms’ing girls around blogdom unite! ;) *laughing*

That’s it, I gotta start a blog.

Having said that I’m banned from chocolate at the moment, along with tea and coffee and a whole list of other stuff that irritates my ulcers.

Blogging for Chocolate. Scary.

Is there anywhere the mighty dollar cannot reach?

I had (naively it turns out) assumed that blogs would be safe.

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