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The house

Here it is, the house in all its glory…

The livingroom
(this is the agent’s picture, so the furniture isn’t mine)

The kitchen
(furniture not mine)

Hopefully it’ll look half as good with all my crap strewn around it!

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

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It’s beautiful! I love those french doors in the kitchen. Seems to have an abundance of natural light. I’m just a bit jealous.

The stove is probably going. I’m told it’s one of those ancient ones that can be On or Off, no temperature graduation… which doesn’t suit my rather clumsy cooking style.

Very nice indeed. Our first house in East Malvern had one of those stoves and when we renovated the kitchen, it was not practical to keep it as everything had moved so we got rid of it. I regret doing so now. There was nothing wrong with the burners, the griller worked well but you did have to think a bit when using the oven.

By house style are we bodering on Bentleigh or Ormond? If so, must be around $5 to $6.

It looks to be a place you could go wrong with.

Congratulations!! It’s absolutely beautiful. I know you’ve been searching for quite some time. This one looks well worth the wait! Well done, hope you will be very happy there.

Look at the that extra cool ye olde oven. Looks like a cracker that would turn out a champion roast. (& the rest of the house is GORGEOUS!) Enjoy & all the best for the move (said with meaning as I am moving soon too into my first purchase).

Your new home looks like it was an excellent choice. I bought my first house when I was 27 and my last (4th) when I was 58. (I’m 63 now.) My second one was new construction and I found that it is usually more satisfactory to buy a house that has existed over a time so you can see the strengths (and the problems) before you have to operate it as an entity; e.g., a working house. I also think you can sense whatever CHARM a house has if it has existed for awhile. Your new home definitely has charm – EXCELLENT SELECTION!

As for the money and the years of making a payment, you’re building an ASSET rather than collecting payment receipts of paper. You should feel ‘poor’ at first or you didn’t buy enough house; you’ll understand in 3-5 years when is seems very comfortable and you may wonder why you didn’t go for a little bit more. Then you’ll be able to say to yourself that the ol’ house is still pretty good and settle back in your easy chair feeling smart with your wise selection.

Good luck with your new home. The houses I have bought have been my best financial investments with NO EXCEPTIONS over the years of my life.


The stove, oh the stove! you could replace it with Chef elevated gas stove without having to change the kitchen set-up, but they are pretty bog standard and you would lose the ambience. Take a look at the Falcon stoves which would probably even enhance the look of the kitchen, and which should fit into the rather narrow bench space. Lots of features like self clean ovens too, trust me,I’m a salesman! If you want more info on kitchens I would be more than happy to oblige without any pressure at all.

As chicks often are, I’m impressed with all the CUPBOARD SPACE!! Oh the crap I could store in all those kitchen drawers and cupboards…
Where’s that recipe book I got from the kids kindy that had the recipe for no-bake chocolate slice…..
Why do we have 3 can openers and none of them work!…
I can’t understand where all these marbles come from…

Congratulations, Daniel! Knowing how long you’ve been mulling over the big decision, it’s great to see you taking the plunge – and with such a fine place – lots of character (the house, that is). And as they say in Bentleigh, “Enjoy!”

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